The Upper Room United Pentecostal Church

At The Upper Room we’ve enjoyed visitors almost on a weekly basis in 2015.

Our first time guests are usually “unexpected” when they come to worship with us. They are “unexpected” only by name and face. They are “expected” because our prayers and efforts are to increase our church family every time we gather together. One of our favorite “unexpected” guest is not a stranger by any means.

The ministry of Robert L. Mitchell first impacted our church two (2) months before we held our first service. Seeking a confirmation from the Lord through the preached word of God, we found ourselves at a service where Rev. Mitchell was the invited speaker. At the time of this special church service, May 1988, we had yet to meet Rev. Mitchell and certainly did not have an opportunity to share with him of our need to hear a word from the Lord to confirm our call to launch a “new” church.

By the time the church service concluded that evening, Rev. R.L. Mitchell was inspired by God and confirmed our call to launch our new work, The Upper Room United Pentecostal Church. Our first service was held at the Clarion hotel located in east Denver, Colorado on July 10th, 1988. Twenty Five (25) years after we received a confirmation to begin the church, Rev. R. L. Mitchell came to our church as our guest speaker to help celebrate our silver anniversary. This was the first time Rev. Mitchell visited our church.

Every word the Lord spoke to us through Rev. Mitchell over twenty seven years (27) ago are visibly taking place today! Our present location is filled with standing room only every Sunday morning and we are seeing substantial growth as many are choosing to come and worship at The Upper Room. The initial calling we received has been strong enough to keep the vision and ministry alive throughout the years.

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